NGX-E is the only entry level product that gives high-end storage features to the small-medium businesses with the best total cost of ownership ratio. Ready for data operations in less than 5 minute, unified architecture to serve both SAN and NAS.


Setup and Forget

NGX Storage delivers the NGX-E family to accelerate and support the business growth while reducing IT expenses. This product is designed and developed with "setup and forget" philosophy to avoid complexity for the small and medium enterprises.

Installs in 5 minutes without any complexity. No tuning required, ever.

Unified Architecture

NGX-E is a true unified storage system that supports iSCSI, NFS and CIFS protocols natively. You can use these data protocols without any restrictions, extra licenses or hardware requirements. No matter how complex is your IT environment, NGX-E can work simultaneously with Windows, UNIX, Linux or VMware.

Data Protection

NGX-E is a complete end-to-end solution for protecting physical and virtual environments that reduce business downtime and the total cost of ownership. With built-in dual-parity RAID , self healing capabilities and predictive failure detection technologies NGX-E series storage provides greater reliability and serviceability for business continuity.

Flash Acceleration

NGX-E provides adaptive flash cache technologies to maximize storage performance and efficiency. Flash cache, intelligently caches recently used hot data in flash memory, replacing slow, mechanical I/O operations to disk with very rapid flash memory operations.

Boost Storage Efficiency

Inline data reduction techniques including deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning are fundamental components of our system architecture. With these innovative data reduction features logical size of the storage can be 4-10X larger than its actual raw physical size, thereby driving down the cost per GB usable.


Data Compression

NGX-E transparent inline data compression technology can reduce the physical required capacity to store data on storage systems. It has a new and very fast algorithm that increase compress / decompress performance up to %80 compared to the other vendors.


Inline Deduplication

NGX-E inline deduplication, significantly reduce storage needs, bandwidth requirements, and backup costs. This appliance, combines the benefits of granularity, performance, and resiliency to give you a significant advantage in the race to meet ever-increasing storage capacity demands.


Remote Site Replication

Protect critical business, prevent data loss during planned and unplanned events. With support for asynchronous periodic multi-site replication, NGX-E delivers disaster recovery options for customers to achieve stringent recovery time objectives (RTO) and fast recovery point objectives (RPOs). NGX-E uses delta block level processing technology, sending only new or changed blocks of data from your onsite to your offsite vault. This replication technology provides bandwidth throttling and small footprint on network traffic.

Technical Specifications

  Series E2400 E2420
  Technical Specifications Form Factor 2U Rackmount 2U Rackmount
Capacity Up to 864TB raw capacity Up to 432TB raw capacity
Expansion Up to 8 SAS enclosure Up to 8 SAS enclosure
Drives Up to 108 Hot Swap 3.5" NL SAS drives Up to 216 Hot Swap 2.5" NL SAS drives
SSD Cache Up to 2 x 2.5" Hot Swap 200GB V-NAND Up to 2 x 2.5" Hot Swap 200GB V-NAND
DRAM Cache 32 / 64 GB DRAM Cache 32 / 64 GB DRAM Cache
Host Connectivity  2 x 10Gbase-T, 2 x 1Gb Ethernet  2 x 10Gbase-T, 2 x 1Gb Ethernet
Power Redundant 750Watt Hotplug  Redundant 750Watt Hotplug
Max. Number of LUNs, Shares  64 64 
Max. Number of Auto Snapshots  2048 2048 
Standard Features      Data Protection  Dual-parity RAID, RAID 10, Advanced Error Detection, Self Healing Array  Dual-parity RAID, RAID 10, Advanced Error Detection, Self Healing Array
Storage Protocols   iSCSI, NFS, CIFS  iSCSI, NFS, CIFS
Performance  32 / 64 GB DRAM Cache  32 / 64 GB DRAM Cache
Management  Web based unified management interface  Web based unified management interface
Monitoring  System health monitoring, Network traffic monitoring, Storage utilization monitoring, Automated email reports, Automated daily processes  System health monitoring, Network traffic monitoring, Storage utilization monitoring, Automated email reports, Automated daily processes
Supported operating systems Windows® 2000, Windows Server® 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Linux®, Oracle® Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac® OS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, VMware®
High-end Software Packages(Optional)

 High-end software packages can be purchased with all NGX-E series;

  • Instant Snapshot: Instantly snapshot any LUN or Share.
  • AutoSnapshot: Scheduled automatic snapshots.
  • Instant Clone: Instant virtual copies of any volume without any overhead.
  • Flash Cache: Boost IOPS performance, intelligently cache and serve recently used hot data.
  • Data Reduce Suite: In-line data compression, deduplication and thin provisioning for data reduction.
Regulatory and Compliance Safety  60950-1 and European Norm EN 60950-1  60950-1 and European Norm EN 60950-1
Energy Energy Star 2.0 Energy Star 2.0
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)  CISPR 22/CISPR 24 and EN 55022/55024 CISPR 22/CISPR 24 and EN 55022/55024

NGX Storage with Intel® Xeon® processor.
Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon, and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Works with your existing applications.

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