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All-Flash Array

Designed for the next generation data fabric workloads, provides massively improved storage performance and dense capacity. Transform your business with flash speed.

Extreme Performance

Up to 10M IOPS with consistent sub-ms response time. Build high-performance systems at scale without any disruption, NGX's All-Flash arrays will handle mixed workloads in SAN and NAS environments simultaneously.

Provision the Block Workloads

Achieve consistent low latency and high performance needs without compromising storage efficiency and enterprise resiliency for block workloads.
NGX Storage perfectly fits for any OLTP, VDI and Virtualization infrastructure requirements via variable block size and intelligent data path acceleration architecture. 

Ready for Big Data

NGX Storage all-flash arrays provide petabyte-scale capacity for unstructured and operational data. It is very simple to access from Oracle database, Apache Spark or from Hadoop environments to the lightning fast unified flash storage that gives 840Gbit connectivity over 100GbE interfaces.

Overcome the performance limitations and discover the future technologies with big data approaches and NGX Storage arrays.


NGX Storage delivers unmatched features without any compromise on enterprise resiliency.

840Gbit Networking

NGX Storage provides groundbreaking ethernet connectivity capabilities accomplishing lowest latencies in the industry.

12TB DRAM Cache

Serve nearly 95% percent of data from DRAM layer that thousand times faster than any flash.

Triple-Parity RAID

Tolerate up to 3 simultaneous drive failures and can easily repair itself with consistent performance under heavy workloads.

Simple Management

Best storage management experience, responsive and simple design that removes all complexity.

Enterprise Data Protection

Built-in remote replication, unlimited snapshots and clones on top of self-healing architecture.

Non-Stop Availability

No single point of failure design to achieve 99,99999% availability on both hardware and software.


NGX-AFA's flash optimized always in-line data reduction architecture, yields up to 10X more capacity. Consolidate your infrastructure without compromising performance, resiliency and availability.


Inline Data Compression

Inline Deduplication

Thin Provisioning

Inline Zero Detection


Copy Reduction



NGX All-Flash arrays comes with an all-inclusive software package, free controller upgrade, no forklift upgrade and flat support pricing.

Protect your investment with always new generation technologies.

Best storage experience ever

We build all of our high available services on top of NGX's all-flash arrays to maximize performance and reduce costs. It is superior to have predictive analytics and eternal storage program that enable us to protect our business and investment.

Tolga Çivici / rapid cloud


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