Ready Solution Surveillance and Security

NGX Storage fits perfectly to Video Surveillance industries need with its high throughput, reliable, cost effective solutions.

Demands of Video Surveillance Systems

New Video Surveillance Systems use higher resolutions, more cameras and recognition applications to fulfils today's security concerns. With the current needs and longer archival times, storage solution becomes more critical. Choose NGX Storage as a key component and resolve these demands now.


Efficient Grow

Camera resolutions increases continuously. Now even 4K resolutions becoming popular storage needs more attention. NGX Storage expands in a simple way without concerns to fulfill continuously growing video surveillance data needs.

Consistent Performance

NGX Storage delivers consistent low latency, high performance connectivity and millions of IOPS that can handle video surveillance systems needs. NGX Storage provides top level performance for huge amount of I/O stream generated by Hundreds of cameras at the same time. Our Unified architecture lets you choose file or block level volume usage for different environment needs.


Always Reliable

NGX Storage can handle multiple disk failures, repair itself with its unique self-healing algorithms and provides consistent performance at petabyte scale capacities under heavy production workloads.

Simple and Smart

Once set up easily, you won't need to check constantly and make complex adjustments. With only few clicks you can do any complex task with our simple design.

99.9999% Availability

NGX Storage is designed to prevent any downtime with its high availability architecture and complete data protection schemes. It provides non-disruptive software upgrades and capacity expansions while keeping the business online.

A Very Consistent Solution

We always trust NGX Storage as it is a reliable and cost effective solution for our customers that need huge video surveillance systems.