Foresee and Prevent

Be aware of any possible problem and solve them before they impact your business. NGX Storage predictive Analytics ensures your business running perfectly 7x24 by inspecting your system for you. Foresee and prevent any issue by using NGX Storage Smart Analytics.

Smart Statistics

NGX Storage Smart Analytics collects millions of sensor and other statistical data from your storage to help you detect and prevent any issue. Variety of graphs and visuals helps to analyze your systems in an smart and easy way.

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Reach from Anywhere, Anytime

Predictive Smart Analytics are cloud based and this means it is possible to see your systems from anywhere, and any device. Take your business one step forward with detailed visuals and analytics. Prevent possible failures with detailed sensor informations and solve them before they hit your business.

Detailed Usage Analysis

To help you identify the bottlenecks and application problems our storages report variety of data statistics to our Cloud based systems. It is possible to foresee your grow and even blocksize usage of your data which helps to understand your application usages. By using these informations you will be able to better optimize your systems.


True Support

With the help of the Predictive Smart Analytics we can detect common problems. When you need help with your systems we directly connect you to our level 2 and level 3 engineers so that any issue can be solved by professionals.


Active Maintenance

Our predictive and proactive no-stop maintenance support protects you from any failures. We are keeping your storage always under the control so you can focus on your business and growth.