Fast Secure and Reliable storage for Government Agencies

Enable NGX Storage solutions and improve your agencies IT environment to achieve greatest efficiency with your precious data.

Advantages for Government

To provide seamless service for citizens, government services must be available all the time. They also need highly scalable solutions regarding the service requirements considering by leveraging today’s and future investments. NGX Storage is working closely with government agencies from the beginning to provide reliable and cost effective solutions for their various needs and keep their technology future ready. With our Eternal Storage program, government agencies can easily avoid the traditional re-purchase cycle and can significantly reduce regular CAPEX requests.

Always Reliable

NGX Storage can handle multiple disk failures, repair itself with its unique self-healing algorithms and provides consistent performance at petabyte scale capacities under heavy production workloads.

Easy Backup

Using both asynchronous differential delta copy remote replication and synchronous replication to achieve lowest recovery point and recovery time objectives in the industry. All of our products can communicate natively with each other for data replication.

Simple and Smart

Once set up easily, you won't need to check constantly and make complex adjustments. With only few clicks you can do any complex task with our simple design.