Storage Solutions for Media and Entertainment


We provide a compact solution for various workloads of Media and Entertainment organizations. Simple , fast , reliable and dense solution that will transform your business.


Immense Capacity for Media

As resolutions get higher, any visual media needs more capacity. With NGX Storage you can utilize Petta bytes of data without any performance penalty. It is easy to scale out with NGX Storage when your projects enhance and you need to grow. With only one click, expand your data pool without waiting or any data movement that takes several hours.

Ultimate Speed for Media Transfer and Rendering

NGX Storage provides consistent IOPS, throughput and lower latencies for concurrent media workloads. Massive I/O requests generated from many machines to the NGX Storage, handled by low latency cache centric architecture to provide top level performance.


99.9999% Availability

NGX Storage is designed to prevent any downtime with it’s high availability architecture and complete data protection schemes. It provides non-disruptive software upgrades and capacity expansions while keeping the business online.


Data Compression

NGX Storage transparent inline data compression technology can reduce the physical capacity required to store data on storage systems significantly. NGX Storage Inline compression can increase compress/decompress performance up to 80%.


Data Protection

NGX Storage series prevent data loss and corruption by protecting your all physical and virtual data. With its native triple-parity and dual-parity raid architecture, self healing and predictive error correction technologies NGX Storage delivers highly available and secure solutions to protect your valuable data.


Ultimate Solution for VDI

NGX Storage delivers consistent low latency, high performance connectivity and millions of IOPS that handle any virtual desktop environment needs. Furthermore, NGX can reduce capacity requirements up to 95% in VDI deployments efficiently with its inline intelligence deduplication and compression features. With these capabilities and wide range provider supports like Citrix and VMware, NGX is the perfect match for the VDI.

Efficient, Scalable and Effortless

NGX Storage provides cost efficient solutions that take our Media business one step ahead.

Dino Strzeminski / CEO of CDNLINE