Openstack Cloud Solutions

NGX Storage provides simple, fast, and reliable solution for your Openstack Cloud deployments.


Better Storage for OpenStack

Storage is a key component of your Openstack deployment. Choosing a better storage will remove the complexity and waste that leads to higher costs. NGX Storage is a perfect fit for your Openstack Clouds. We will make your deployment faster, reliable and cost efficient.


Simple Integration

NGX Storage set up easily integrates to your Openstack Cloud and you won't need to check constantly and make complex adjustments. With only few clicks you can do any complex task with our simple design. Choose NGX Storage and easily scale and maintain your environment.


99.9999% Availability

NGX Storage is designed to prevent any downtime with it’s high availability architecture and complete data protection schemes. It provides non-disruptive software upgrades and capacity expansions while keeping the business online.


Boosted Performance

NGX Storage can easily fulfill any workloads of Openstack Clouds with consistent performance within sub-millisecond latencies. Thanks to our innovative and intelligent cache algorithms, NGX Storage serves nearly 95% percent of random I/O requests directly from its ultra fast DRAM cache layer which can capable to store up to 6TB of data.

Openstack Cloud Partners

We work closely with Openstack Community to provide up to date and stable solutions.