All in One Solution for Education

Fast, Simple, Reliable and Cost Effective.

Everything you need for your combined workload.


Boost Performance

NGX Storage can easily fulfill any IT workloads of Educational Institutions with consistent performance within sub-millisecond latencies. Thanks to our innovative and intelligent cache algorithms, NGX Storage serves nearly 95% percent of random I/O requests directly from its ultra fast DRAM cache layer which can capable to store up to 6TB of data. Supports variable block sizes from 512B to 1MB to optimize transactional and sequential workloads simultaneously in a single array. Furthermore, intelligent data aware in-line deduplication algorithms protects storage resources and increase performance automatically.

Meet Capacity Demands

As resolutions get higher, any visual media needs more capacity. With NGX Storage you can utilize pettabytes of data without any performance penalty. It is easy scale out with NGX Storage when your projects enhance and you need to grow. With only one click expand your data pools without waiting or any data movement that takes hours.


Ultimate Solution for VDI

NGX Storage delivers consistent low latency, high performance connectivity and millions of IOPS that handle any virtual desktop environment needs. Furthermore, NGX can reduce capacity requirements up to %95 in VDI deployments efficiently with its inline intelligence deduplication and compression features. With these capabilities and wide range provider supports like Citrix and VMware, NGX is the perfect match for the VDI.

Simple and Smart

Schools and Universities need smart solutions that are not complex. With only few clicks you can do any complex task with our simple design. Once set up easily, you won't need to check constantly and make complex adjustments.

Cost Efficient

NGX Storage provides you a lot more while decreasing the total cost of ownership. Forget the heavy cost of bulky upgrades and migrate to NGX Storage. With our Eternal Storage program we deliver you the Ultimate customer experience without hidden costs.

Remote Replication

Using both asynchronous differential delta copy remote replication and synchronous replication to achieve lowest recovery point and recovery time objectives in the industry. All of our products can communicate natively with each other for data replication.