While world is changing at an ever-increasing pace we are being a part of global data nodes. Our culture, business, education even lifestyles are affecting from this change. We are generating huge amount of data every day and the data is emerging as the world’s one of the most important resource. But converting these data to the information and knowledge is firstly requires storing them efficiently. As NGX Storage we believe in thinking differently. We believe that every idea is a precious brick to build a better future. The way we challenge from this perspective is making storage products which could lead to new technologies and new ideas using the data.

After more than two years of development, we are very excited to launching new generation storage solutions for the enterprises. We are designed our products collaboratively with end users, cloud architects and big data experts to shape industry’s most demanding storage workloads. If you would like to be a early tester for your i/o hungry applications we’d love to work with you, get started and schedule a demo.

Please join our journey to build new data era with your precious ideas.