NGX Software 1.8.4 Released


Released in April 2021, NGX Storage 1.8.4 Software provides new features, simplified management experience, new visual reports, new data access protocols, and reliability enhancements for both physical and logical error detection and prevention.

Over the years we improved our core software features in terms of simplicity and reliability. As always, updating to the latest "NGX_Software_1.8.4" is very simple. Just upload the image from the GUI and it's done automatically.

NGX Storage Software Update Screeb

Non-disruptive upgrade process completes in less than 30 seconds. However if you want our support engineers can handle this operation on behalf of you.


What’ New

S3 Object Service

-Support for S3 includes the following:

  • Compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service
  • Accessing to both S3 and NAS from the same bucket
  • Object tagging and versioning (with ngxclient)
  • TLS 1.2 encryption
  • Multi-part uploads
  • Adjustable dedicated IP
  • Multiple buckets per volume
  • Bucket access policies, read-only and read-write
  • Multiple user support
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many)
  • Snapshot and Clone from NAS share
  • All  S3 features can be manage via GUI


Detailed storage report

Including capacity trends, drill down lun and share statistics can be generated as downloadable report

Access restriction to api and ui

Improved security, access restriction for both GUI and API interfaces.

Improved drive latency detection and error preventation

NGX proactive error prediction improves storage system reliability which is de-facto at our high-end storage systems. With this update, hard drive error detection and prevention technology came to whole product families at all.

Additional Share and LUN delete notification and warnings

Additional acknowledgement confirmation to protect mistakenly delete or modify operation for LUNs and Shares.

All Share exports protocols can be disable now

Disabling whole share protocols (NFS, SMB, S3 ) can be done without deleting the share.

ifconfig compatible print for all network interfaces and their mac, vrrp addresses

Network interfaces and their status are included the GUI with  *nix compatible ifconfig output.

Bug Fixes

Sending too much mail during RAID rebuild bug fixed.


Before upgrading to 1.8.4 version you should update your storage software to 1.8.3 version. A quick overview about 1.8.3 software attached below:

-- NEW

  • Emulex FC 16/32G support added
  • Encrypted Pools for better protection
  • Management login from Active Directory
  • WORM Feature
  • User Quota for shares
  • Recursive ACL for shares
  • Exports share names without pool-names
  • Share default quoata for homedir
  • LUN / Share names now accept underscore and hypen
  • Veritas DataInsight improved performance for SID queries
  • Test Mail button for alert notifications
  • SMB Local user syncs between controller nodes
  • New JBODS (NGX-D4060, NGX-D2024, NGX-D3016, NGX-D2012) support
  • Improved LUN performance for sequential I/O  


  • FAULTED drive notification logs repeated too much.
  • WMware calculates wrong offset for luns, identify them with 4kn now. With this fix you can export 128k block size LUNs to VMware.
  • Show all initaitor display bug at FibreChannel menu fixed.


Learn more or download updates from

NGX Storage Recognized as Top HPC Provider of the Year


We are proud to have been ranked among the top ten providers in its field and named “Company of the Year” in the special edition of CIO Applications magazine. The award highlights our joint engineering achievements in developing massively scalable high performance computing storage systems while providing superior economics and simple integrations.

As the key enabler in High-performance computing (HPC), leading enterprises across the diverse range of scientific, engineering, and industrial fields are count on NGX Storage to store and process huge amount of data to rapidly solve complex computational problems.

Our customers are using NGX-HPC solutions to generate new discoveries, innovate breakthrough products and services.

With the NGX-HPC solution, you get exabyte scale performance, industry leading cost efficiency and true “pay as you grow” solution for your high-performance data workloads.

Designed on top of NGX Hybrid storage architecture, the solution brings high-availability, groundbreaking multi TB/s throughput and seamless scalability. Furthermore, we adopt and provide new technologies to achieve both HPC and AI workloads. Get superior performance with 100Gb InfiniBand, 200GbE networking, NVMe based flash accelerators and 12Gb SAS connectivity.

NGX-HPC storage are delivered with hardware, software and proactive support from our engineers to simplify installation and provide faster time to results.

NGX-HPC enables you to:

  • Accelerate performance for different kind of data workloads.

  • Simple integration with your existing infrastructure.

  • 99.9999% consistent availability and reliability.

  • Cost-efficiency in both deploying and operating.


To learn more about NGX-HPC solutions, visit

NGX Storage Joins Intel Storage Builders Program

At NGX Storage, we believe in strong partnerships to create great products. We have something incredibly powerful and fascinating when we bring our vision and will together. In that sense, NGX Storage is proud and excited to partner with Intel® and joined Intel Storage Builders program.

The Intel® Storage Builders provides an open, collaborative environment for true storage innovation and advancement. The program brings together forward-looking companies, a broad Intel ecosystem, key foundational technologies, and strategic resources to empower our members to move storage forward.

NGX Storage and Canonical announce new strategic partnership


We are excited to announce that, NGX Storage is now master partner with Canonical, which is the largest provider of Ubuntu distributions for cloud infrastructure services. Ubuntu is the leading cloud OS and Ubuntu OpenStack is the leading distribution of OpenStack. We plan to further expand our partnership to be able to deliver NGX Storage products compatible with Canonical's tools.

With an increasing high demand to innovative cost effective storage approaches, NGX Storage will deliver it's high-end storage solutions with Canonical’s tools Juju and MAAS and fill the gap in the market.

NGX Storage team up with Red Hat


Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform enhances OpenStack technology to deliver a scalable and secure foundation for building an open private or public cloud.  NGX Storage now is a member of the RedHat OpenStack Technology Partner Network, and providing block and file storage for OpenStack deployments.


Keep watching us and take advantage of the fast pace of innovation in the OpenStack project while maintaining a stable platform for production deployment with Red Hat and NGX Storage.

Why NGX Storage ?

While world is changing at an ever-increasing pace we are being a part of global data nodes. Our culture, business, education even lifestyles are affecting from this change. We are generating huge amount of data every day and the data is emerging as the world’s one of the most important resource. But converting these data to the information and knowledge is firstly requires storing them efficiently. As NGX Storage we believe in thinking differently. We believe that every idea is a precious brick to build a better future. The way we challenge from this perspective is making storage products which could lead to new technologies and new ideas using the data.

After more than two years of development, we are very excited to launching new generation storage solutions for the enterprises. We are designed our products collaboratively with end users, cloud architects and big data experts to shape industry’s most demanding storage workloads. If you would like to be a early tester for your i/o hungry applications we’d love to work with you, get started and schedule a demo.

Please join our journey to build new data era with your precious ideas.


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